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What's New At CAG Cooling


What's New At CAG Cooling

CAG Cooling Solutions is committed showcasing new products. As new technology becomes available, we will feature it here.

MWC Chill-Cube Multibank Chiller

The MWC 10 Ton Chiller can be installed in new applications or to provide supplemental cooling to an existing water-cooled system. Multiple chillers can also be installed in parallel, up to 5 units (50 tons), and controlled by a master controller. Compact units can easily be installed in tight spaces and will fit inside elevators. This chiller is designed to withstand harsh environments. All frame and cabinet cover material is galvanized steel painted with a powder coat paint finish. Fasteners are either stainless steel or electro-galvanized. All components, including those requiring maintenance and cleaning, are easily and safely accessed without interfering with chiller operation.

Mini-Cube QBS Chiller

Mini-Cube QBS chillers protect valuable electronic, laboratory and sensitive industrial equipment by maintaining constant operating temperature. They are compact and self-contained, efficient, reliable and easily installed. The range includes 2 models with a cooling capacity of .31 to .44 ton.

ACW Air Cooled Fluid Cooler

ACW Ambient Fluid Coolers are specifically designed for welders and for all industrial applications that require water cooling at temperatures not lower than the ambient temperature. The range includes 2 models with a cooling capacity of .19 to .40 ton.

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