PURESTREAM AIRCOM Piping Training To Become An Authorized Installer

Please review ALL the videos and PDF document below
and answer ALL questions to complete Authorized Installer Exam.

Purestream Piping Assembly Videos.

Purestream Piping Assembly Guide

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Questions - Installment Procedure Videos

  1. Is a hack saw one of the required tools?
  2. Should you mark the pipe with the Depth Meter?
  3. Should you always deburr the pipe ends before installing fittings?
  4. Do you need to disassemble the fitting before installation?
  5. Should you use soap and water to lubricate the O-ring in the fitting?
  6. Will the plastic brackets allow the pipe to slide due to expansion/contraction?
  7. Does the nut need to be tightened with the fitting wrench?
  8. Should a bracket be used near every fitting?
  9. Are there markings on the drop legs that assists the installer to align the hole on the pipe?
  10. Do the drop legs have a centering hole molded into the back side?
  11. Should the pipe be cut square?
  12. Will the pipe stop when inserted all the way into the fitting?

Questions - Purestream Piping Assembly Guide PDF

  1. What tool is not on the necessary tools list?
  2. Can drop legs be installed horizantal and vertical to the pipe?
  3. Is disassembling the fittings to install onto a pipe a requirement?
  4. What is the maximum inclination for the pipe cut?
  5. Will marking the pipe with the depth meter help position the pipe all the way into the fitting?
  6. Should you always use the pipe wrench to tighten the fitting?
  7. Can the pipe brackets be installed horizantally or vertically?
  8. What is the maximum pressure for 20mm pipe?
  9. The ideal location of the pipe brackets, close to a fitting would be?
  10. For expansion/contraction in a non climate controlled atmosphere, should a flex hose be used for any run of pipe longer than 300 feet?
  11. Initial pressurizing to test a new pipe system should be done in gradual increments, from lower to higher pressure until desired pressure is reached?
  12. If there are multiple fittings in a short run of pipe, extra bracketing and support must be provided: